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WM Capital is one of the most innovative firms among the 30 small and medium-sized enterprises listed on the AIM stock exchange market. 


Whereas being among the innovative SMEs allows WM Capital to obtain tax benefits as required by the 2017 Italian Financial Act.

Furthermore, WM Capital takes advantage of the PIR Act, which is another tax benefit, dedicated to innovative SMEs. The tax benefit provides a 30% tax deduction determined by the amount of the investment up to a maximum of 1.8 million per each tax period.

WARNING: To take advantage of the PIR benefits you must hold the company's shares at least for three years (lock-up is mandatory to benefit from the tax relief).

Moreover, those tax benefits are applicable only in cases of Initial Public Offering (IPO) and subsequent capital increases (done through warrant bonds as well).  

Hence, those tax reliefs are not provided for the shareholders who buy the shares on the stock exchange market. 

The benefits are applicable to companies listed on the AIM Stock Exchange Market too.

The Italian budget plan for 2019 has introduced some important news for the PIR as from 1January 2019. Indeed, now is mandatory invest 3.5% of the 21% extra FTSE Mib in financial instruments (i.e. SMEs' shares and bonds) listed on the AIM Italia Stock Exchange market. 

WM Capital is the most important Italian company specialized in creating and developing franchising network for the domestic and global markets too.

Since 1993 the company provides clients with several tools for external growth and solves the managerial issues due to the business development phase.

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Sede legale: Via Cusani,10 - 20121 Milano 

Tel.: +39 02-467781

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Mail: amministrazione@wmcapital.it 

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