Both solutions, which allow the execution of rapid swabs, have been designed to meet the provisions already adopted by the Government to manage the current epidemiological situation and therefore provide support and integrate with the territorial health units to carry out the control, monitoring and the traceability of Sars-Cov2.

Specifically, Covid Box also uses biometric technologies, i.e. contactless systems for the recognition of the user with a passport or identity card, detection of the main vital parameters (body temperature, heart and respiratory rate), the carrying out of pre-triage questionnaires with the voice or eye movement. Isola della Salute, as an extension of Box della Salute, also allows you to perform a large set of medical tests such as blood pressure, ECG, body composition, dermatoscopy, otoscopy, combining the presence of the doctor, even at a distance, with ‘need for prevention in support of the territories. For these characteristics Covid Box and Isola della Salute, whose construction has benefited from the European Patent No. EP19712044.7 called Self Diagnostic System, ready for marketing, can be installed in the main transit areas such as pharmacies, airports, shopping centers, stations., doctors’ offices, universities and hospitals. The presentation event, via teleconference, saw the participation of Dr. Franco Perona, specialist in radiodiagnostics, former professor at the University of Genoa and currently CEO of CeMeDi, clinic of the Lifenet Healthcare hospital group and medical-scientific partner of Box della Salute.

The registration of the event can be used on the Facebook page of the Box della Salute at the link,and will also be available in the the website

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