We generate value to companies that want to duplicate their successes through business format with strong identity. We verify strategies, engineering, cultural changing and competitive international placement of companies to deal with ambitious challenges of the market.

To Whom

  • Existing franchise network

    who needs a renovation in their business model.

  • Firms

    interested in developing and structure a business format.

  • Financial investors and wannabe franchisee

    Financial investors and wannabe franchisee

  • Foreign brands

    concerned with the Italian market

Tailor-made solutions

we analyze existing weakness in the networks and we purpose real solutions in step with the times.

We verify the appealing of proposal for affiliation thanks to our updated franchising observatory

We design and rectify business models basing on market demand

Studiamo le migliori soluzioni per ottimizzare il fatturato delle reti

we analyze any netowork to address franchisors with real activities during the time

We give  flexible planning tools to companies for any need to development

we provide any needed documentary to purpose to affliates.

We realize win-win agreement on behalf of franchisor and franchisee for a long time and stable relationship.

We support our franchisor during time, updating them and purposing new business ideas.

Additional services

We select best designes to provide attractive concept to our clients

We introduce to our franchisors software companies to optimize internal and external processes  of sale point.

Companies with whom we collaborate are flagships in any specific sectors

We support franchisors during conception and registration of brands and domains at national and international level.

We advise franchisors how to make their communication campaigns effective and give visibility to their affiliate proposal

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WM Capital SpA

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This post is also available in: Italian