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Our mission is to provide useful business solutions to create and develop Business Format Franchising through the communication channel, strategic guidance, training, news, advisory, internationalization, and market entry model.


The reference model to create and develop
Business Format Franchising.

For 25 years the mission of the company is to support entrepreneurs purposing external growing strategies with networking activity. The support offered tends to maximize the company’s growth potential by carefully developing, where possible, Business Format Franchising and successful retail projects.

The almost thirty-year experience of the founder, Fabio Pasquali, has led to the creation of dozens of network franchises by harmoniously integrating the direct sales points with the affiliated ones. Overall, WM Capital has assisted over 700 Format operating in about 50 different sectors, from food to clothing, from wellness to art.

It operates through the three business units Consulting, Communication, Advisory and the Health Tech division, specialized in the research and development of strategic plans in the HealthCare area with the help of the Health Box.

Fabio PasqualiCeo & Founder WM Capital


25 years of history

1995 – Franchising consulting unit of WM Capital is born.

1999 – AZ Franchising is born, 1st multimedia system dedicated to franchising

2000 – First edition of the AZ Franchising Awards, the most coveted award for franchise operators, and launch of the yearbook AZ Franchising Book, newsletter of AZ Franchising.

2001 – Launch of AZ Franchising Club (which currently count 30,000 members) and Match-System (relational marketing for meeting supply and demand).

2004 – Launch of AZ Franchising Trend (Direct Marketing tool) and AZ Franchising Notebooks.

2005 – IFPN (International Franchising Publishers Network) association founded.

2008 – Birth of AZ Franchising Academy and AZ Franchising TV.

2009 – AZ Franchising is awarded by Business Superbrands among the most prestigious internationally recognized brands. 1st Edition of AZ Franchising Expo and launch of the AZFranchisingexpo.com virtual fair.

2011 – AZ Franchising Romania – Moldova launched, 1st international affiliate to the AZ Franchising editorial project. Launch of AZ Franchising Expotour.

2012 – The AZ Franchising Instant Book series is born.

2013 – WM Capital launches “Farmacia dei Servizi Dr. Fleming” format.

2013 – WM Capital is listed on the AIM list of Borsa Italiana.

2018 – Launch of AZ Franchising Fund.

2018 – In 2018 WM Capital acquired 5.20% of the shares of Main Capital in order to offer its client companies a direct link with the investment funds.

2019 – AZ Franchising, as well as on newsstands and digitally, can be used from Trenitalia’s Frecce Portal.

2020 – The company has decided to increase its stake in Main Capital to 7.20%.

2020 – Marketing of “Box della Salute” begins.

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